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Our Fees

We offer financial advice on a 'fee' basis. Such transparency of charges allows our clients to establish value and promotes trust within our holistic approach.

Accord Financial Management Ltd offers you an initial meeting to understand, in broad terms, your needs and objectives, and to agree with you that our services are right for you going forward. This meeting usually lasts for around an hour, the cost of which is met by our firm.


Whether you buy a product or not, a fee may become payable for our advice and services. We will advise you of the fee before commencing any work which would become payable on completion.

We will always confirm both verbally and in writing to you the cost of our advice and how and when you will be asked to pay for this. We will ask for your agreement to the cost of our advice and the payment method by asking you to sign our fee agreement.

You may ask us for an estimate of how much in total we might charge. You may also ask us not to exceed a given fee amount without checking with you first.

Our initial meeting is without cost or obligation so call us on 01903 770767 or contact us today and we'll be pleased to help you.