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Investment Platform / Wrap

keep all your investments wrapped up in one...

Our Investment Platform or 'Wrap' option provides a single, consolidated view of your entire investment portfolio offering some very useful advantages:

  • A range of tailored, diversified, risk graded portfolios.
  • Online access and valuations available in 'real time'.
  • Access to significantly low portfolio charges and world class investment managers.
  • Streamlined management of your investments ensuring you are not exposed to any undue levels of risk.

Investment Platform / Wrap


"A wrap account is an administrative service that combines – or 'wraps' – all of a client's investments into a single account. This means that their total portfolio can be viewed at a glance and involves a huge reduction in the amount of paperwork. It is not a product in which to invest, but rather a service.

"Available online, a wrap allows advisers to manage all their clients' assets in one place, whether these are held directly or through a 'tax-advantaged' wrapper such as an ISA or a pension. 24/7 access to client portfolios allows them to offer a more efficient and valuable ongoing service than has historically been possible."
Nucleus - Oct 2006

A Wrap might not be suitable for everyone but we will advise whether it is suitable for you after a full review of your circumstances.

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